Friday, March 16, 2018

An Open Letter to John Pavlovitz.

Dear John Pavlovitz,

It is interesting to me that address your post to white evangelicals. Near as I can figure you are white and evangelical. Would that make you part of the problem?

If you are not white, then that makes you a racist. Don’t like that term? It’s what you called every other white evangelical. Isn’t it racist or bigotry to be intolerant a whole group of a particular people group? Isn’t your post hypocritical?

I wonder how many of us have you met? I would suspect merely a handful.

You say for eight years people watched as we relentlessly demonize a black President. Let’s not forget he is biracial. He is as much white as he black. I have a daughter who is also biracial.

Of course, you could say, I did demonize him in one respect. Abortion. I will fight against it with every fiber of my being. It is morally scandalous to say the child inside the womb is worth nothing until it is outside the womb.

What about his personal faith convictions? Did I miss something? Oh, I get it. He called himself Christian. He called himself a progressive Christian. Which, from what I gather, homosexuals have more rights than the unborn.

What really galls me is you say we “never once suggested that God placed him where he was?” How do you know that? I’m assuming you are speaking to us as a whole? You weren’t there when a Sunday School teacher suggested that very thing during a study of 2 Peter chapter 2.

You weren’t around when there were prayers for him and his family.

Did we give him the benefit of the doubt? I would say far more than is given to the current president?

How many individuals, Christians or otherwise, made jokes about his children?

How many comedians made jokes about killing him?

How many parades or demonstrations were organized against him?

Didn’t the same God who place Obama into the presidency also place Trump into the presidency?

I wonder why you would ask us to offer solidarity to a man who is openly was pro-murder?

Take a look at the first year of our current president and the first year of the former and ask yourself – which president “was violently opposed at every turn?”

Where is your grace?

I hear a lot from that side of the water about Matthew 7:1. How interesting it is to me, that is only applicable from your viewpoint. You have made quite a few unfair judgments.

We did not openly give a “mulligan” to a white Republican man. We gave grace. We didn’t vote for the man, himself. We voted for the children that would be saved.

I know he is depraved. Who isn’t? We all are. Maybe you should broaden your reading of the Scripture. Here I’ll quote it for you “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” Sound familiar. That would also place Obama into the category of being depraved. What boggles the mind is the fact that you place the blame on the white evangelical. Are we the only ones who voted?

We did not find religion with him, we always had it.

Absolution is not ours to give or withhold.

Again, forgiveness is God’s to give, not ours.

I see evidence of man attempting to keep his promises.  I cannot see his only God can do that.
Sin is never unimportant.

You’ve got to help me here, when were we uncompassionate to Obama.
Where are we inconsistent?

Pigmentation and party are our sole deities?

What bugs me about this, is that you assume that because we voted for a man, that we did for selfish reasons. You might even call me a one issue voter. I probably am. That alone is reason enough to vote for or against any man or woman.

I think that Jesus would have seen value in Trump, just as he did with Obama.

Do you think we live in a bubble? Do you think we don’t care when people are hurting, be they Muslim, gay, African, or poor?

But ultimately true love exposes sin and helps restore the relationship with God?

 It doesn’t really matter if you are black, white, Asian, African, Indian, etc.. 

What ultimately matters is the reason for Christ’s coming. 

He came that we may know God and have a relationship with Him. 

By His standards. Not yours. Not mine. His.